Men's Golf Shoes

The classic dilemma of form vs function. Do you want to look good or do you want stability? Why not both? With modern golf shoes you can accomplish both. There was a time not too long ago when wearing a golf shoe felt like wearing ski boot, you clip clopped around with those clown shoes, but gosh dangit they were stable when you had to hit a shot on a downhill lie after a rainstorm. Frankly, I used to opt for wearing my running shoes because I didn't want to look like Bozo. Jokes' on me though, when I played the early rounds and dew covered the fairways, a slip on this shot or that shot seemingly always cost me the round. So I may have opted out of looking like Bozo but I ended up playing like Bozo, cest la vie. Those days are behind me now; G/Fore, Jordan's, FootJoy, amongst all the other manufacturers have it figured out. Now you can find a golf shoe to fit your style and they'll hold you in place, not to mention they make you feel like you're walking on a cloud. So toss out any prejudice you may be harboring, and get some golf shoes.