Putting is arguably the most important aspect of the golf game. As long as you aren't Sir Shanks-A-Lot the putter will be the one club that you use most during a round of golf. If you average a two putt in a given round, you're going to use your putter 36 times. Maybe you will pull out your driver 12 times if you don't hit it very far. You might pull out your wedge 18 times if you arent very accurate when hitting into a green. The point is, you are going to use your putter a lot and if you use it a lot, you're going to want a putter you like.

When it comes to putters, the main differentiator is the how the head is shaped. Primarily it comes down to blade or mallet. A blade putter has a skinny profile from the top view, whereas a mallet putter has a big ole butt. Choosing one versus the other really comes down to preference, a blade is generally easier to gauge the distance you need to hit the ball (lag), where a mallet generally helps you align your putt better. Of course if you talk to ten different people, you will get ten different answers about which is better and why. The best way to choose what kind of putter you want is to go out and try a few.