Wedges are for your shots around the green. Most golfers will carry two to three wedges in their bag along with a pitching wedge. A pitching wedge loft usually falls between 41 to 46 degrees and is already part of your iron set. Once you find out what the loft on your pitching wedge is (by googling the specs), you can start to figure out what lofts you should get for your wedges. Ideally, you will pick lofts at increments of four degrees so that you can cover a wide range of distances without having too large of gaps between clubs. The two most common setups are 50, 54, 58, or 52, 56, 60. The lowest lofted wedge is your approach/gap wedge, the mid lofted wedge is your sand wedge, and the highest lofted club is your lob wedge. The bounce of a wedge can also have a significant impact on your shot. A low bounce is for firmer playing conditions or a player who doesn't take very large divots. A high bounce is for softer playing conditions, and if you generally take a large divot, the higher bounce will make it so that your club won't dig so deep into the sand or turf.