What images or emotions come to mind when you think of a cobra. If your not thinking giant venemous snake that's got lightening fast striking speed, your priorities are wrong. Maybe you're Steve Irwin and cobra simply elicitis, "Crikey, look at the size of that fella!" Two things going on here; one I don't think Steve spent time golfing, what are you doing here? And two, RIP in peace Steve Irwin, you taught an entire generation to love and respect animals. You were the GOAT. Back to our regularly scheduled programming... Cobra -> Venemous, fast, etc. ->Deadly. Deadly is the emotion your going to evoke when somebody sees you pulling out a LTDx driver or a Radspeed driver or even a King Cobra SS driver. And that's when you know you have them. Put the competiton on their heels before anyone even swings a golf club.