Ping is responsible for one of the most iconic iron sets of all time, the Ping Eye 2 Beryllium Copper Iron Set. A set of those from 1 iron to lob wedge with matching serial numbers and in good condition can fetch $2,500 and those clubs were released in 1982! There aren't any other sets of irons that are that old and worth that amount of money that were produced for public consumption. Because they are so beloved by collectors, the full sets with matching serial numbers are either snatched up immediately or priced so high that it’s an unreasonable purchase for many people. An alternative option is to make or fill in a set without matching serial numbers, and right here is great place to start doing that. A single Ping Eye 2 BeCu iron can often be found listed here. If you get lucky, we might even have the elusive 1 or 2 iron listed, but if you see it, you better jump on it quick because they don’t last for long. It is a testament to the quality and technology that went into their craftsmanship. That same level of quality is still used today and, in some respects, to a greater measure. If you want irons that are precise and allow for maximum shot shaping, the Ping Blueprint iron comes to mind. Of course, if you want to play those and have a good time, you'll want to be a scratch golfer. If you are looking for a set that is geared towards the mid- to high- handicapper, check out the G series. The G710 irons, the G430 irons, the G425 irons, and so on and so forth. The G series was created with a focus on forgiveness and distance. The players irons that fall in the middle ground between the G series and the super bladey Blueprints, are the i series. The i230’s, the i210’s, the i5’s and all the models in between are geared for the player that is good, but maybe not great. So, look around and you might just find the single iron that you’re looking for.