All Other Brands

Our All Other Brands category is filled with incredible wedges that cater to every golfer imagineable. Here's a quick hit list of some of the brands you'll find but there are many more than just these four:

  1. Mizuno Wedges: Mizuno wedges are known for their exceptional feel and precision craftsmanship. The MP-T and T20 series feature Grain Flow Forged construction for superior feedback and control, while their Quad Cut Groove technology ensures consistent spin and performance on every shot.

  2. Cobra Wedges: Cobra wedges offer innovative design features and advanced technologies to help golfers improve their short game. The King MIM and King Snakebite wedges feature CNC milling and progressive groove designs for maximum spin and control, while the versatile sole grinds cater to various playing styles and turf conditions.

  3. Wilson Staff Wedges: Wilson Staff wedges combine classic design with modern performance features to deliver reliable performance around the greens. The Staff Model and Staff Model High Toe wedges feature precision-milled faces and multiple sole grind options for enhanced versatility and shot-making capabilities.

  4. Srixon Wedges: Srixon wedges are designed to provide golfers with the ultimate in spin and control. The ZX series features Tour-validated designs and advanced groove technologies for maximum spin and consistency, while the RTX ZipCore line offers enhanced forgiveness and feel through a lighter core design.