Titleist gets its name from the word "titlist", which means "title holder". -Wikipedia. The name is appropriate, they have been around since 1932 and they are the golf brand for golf people. Any golfer in the world recognizes the script Titleist from a mile away. They may be best known for the Pro V1 golf balls that are unanimously the best golf ball on the market, according to me and two guys at the park I spoke with, but the drivers they produce are second to none. They make drivers that look slick just like their name. Clean lines, clean marks, clean shots. A TSR2 driver seems like the kind of club that would show up to a barbeque wearing a freshly pressed suit, but you don't give them a hard time because that's just who they are. Look at a TSi1 driver, 917 D2 driver, or a Titanium 975D driver and tell me I'm wrong. The anthropomorphism metaphor falls off if we start talking about the DCI Starship driver, but look, if your only pitch is a fastball, inevitably they won't all be 102mph or faster. Give 'em a break, they changed the game.