TaylorMade has been a mainstay in golf industry since they developed and produced the Pittsburgh Persimmon driver in 1978. The driver got their foot in the door, but they stayed relevant by sticking to four tenets that Gary Adams decided were important when he started the company: 1. Combine innovation with authenticity 2. Always be passionate about the game 3. Pledge to be competitive 4. Work hard to establish the company and grow. With those tenets in mind TaylorMade has created some truly remarkable iron sets; from the Bubble Burner sets, to the RAC irons, to the more modern Burner and Burner XD iron sets, and even more recently the RSi and M2 sets. The P series are the most recent models at the writing of this, they are made up of the P790, P770, PMB and PMC. Here is a brief synopsis of each:

  1. TaylorMade P790: The P790 irons are known for their combination of distance, forgiveness, and feel. Featuring a hollow construction with a SpeedFoam-filled cavity, these irons offer exceptional ball speed and distance while maintaining a forged feel. The compact players' profile appeals to golfers seeking both performance and aesthetics. They are suitable for a wide range of players, from mid-handicappers to low-handicap golfers looking for distance without sacrificing feel.

  2. TaylorMade P770: The P770 irons are designed for the skilled player seeking a blend of precision, workability, and forgiveness. With a compact blade profile and forged construction, they offer excellent control and feedback on ball contact. The smaller cavity compared to the P790s provides added workability while still offering enough forgiveness for consistent performance across the face. These irons are ideal for low-handicap players who prioritize shot shaping and control.

  3. TaylorMade PMB: The PMB irons are TaylorMade's muscle-back offering, designed for the ultimate control and feel. With a traditional muscle-back design, thin topline, and minimal offset, these irons provide exceptional feedback and shot shaping capabilities. They are forged from soft carbon steel to deliver a buttery-smooth feel at impact. The PMB irons are best suited for highly skilled players who demand precision and workability in their irons.

  4. TaylorMade PMC: The PMC irons are a combination of muscle cavity and muscle back, offering a blend of forgiveness and workability. These irons typically feature a compact players' profile with a cavity-back design that enhances forgiveness on off-center strikes while still providing the feel and control of a muscle-back iron. They are suitable for low to mid-handicap players who seek a balance between forgiveness and shot shaping capabilities.