Who doesn't love the look of Titleist irons? If Titleist irons were a person, they would be the guy wearing the custom fit pressed suit or the belle of the ball, elegance in understated luxury. They look good in the classic sense, it's not gaudy or flamboyant but it's not all about the style with Titleist, they have substance in equal measure. From the T100 blades for the absolute stick, to the T300 irons for the person seeking maximum forgiveness, they are always trying to find the right mix of feel and performance. The T100 irons prioritize feel, while the T300 irons prioritize performance. Sitting between them, the T200 irons strike a perfect balance, making them an excellent option for players with handicaps ranging from 7 to 15. Of course, it really comes down to preference. A good friend is a scratch golfer and he swears by the T300's. To him, he doesn't care about being able to shape a strong draw or fade, he prefers a consistent shot with a consistent flight that he's able to replicate on every shot. I can't be upset about his preference, he beats me every time we play. Check out this video, to see Titleist's own words.