Srixon. I feel fairly certain that if there was a time machine where I could bring a true viking, say, Erik the Red to the modern world and get him to put down his axe and do away with the reaving and pillaging and teach him about the wonders and joys of golf. That I could then put all the available brands in front of him from which he would choose his clubs, he would probably choose Srixon. Why? I don't know it's just a gut feeling and those are never wrong. Maybe because Srixon sounds like Saxon and both the Saxons and the Vikings raided England around the 5th to 11th century. I might have come up with a widely known saxon but I think there's enough people that equate Saxon with Viking and vice versa that choosing a Viking was the right call. Enough semantics. Erik the Red would play with a Srixon ZX5 MKII driver and he would hit the ball 320+ yards. Play with Srixon, maybe it will make you notable enough to be used in wild hare blurb ten centuries after you've died. In all seriousness, Srixon drivers are no joke. People who play them swear by them.