All of the major OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have at least one claim to an evolution or revolution in golf. To mention a few of the major contributions by top brands; TaylorMade changed woods to metal, Odyssey (owned by Callaway) lined up two balls, and Ping moved weight around. Cobra's contribution to the world of golf came in the form of a hybrid.  From the Cobra website, "The Baffler hybrid, a laminated wood with 23° of loft, introduced a new category of clubs to golf. It featured a patented sole plate design that allowed the club to glide through the turf effortlessly and drew inspiration from catamarans skimming across the Pacific Ocean." That happened in 1975. Today you can't find many golfers that don't have a hybrid in their bag. The playability of irons, the ease and distance of woods, it's a no brainer to bag a hybrid. If you're looking for the club that started it all, we have the original Bafflers listed from time to time, but if you want the brand behind the original, you're in the right place. The newest lines available as of writing this, are the Darkspeed, the King TEC, and the Aerojet. They look good and they play good. Obviously the newest models have the highest levels of technology incorporated into them but if you're looking for value, the older models play incredibly well also. You can go all the way back to the 2005 Cobra Baffler hybrid or the 2008 model and still get a club that really packs a punch.