Although Cobra created the first hybrid in 1975 the frenzy over hybrids didn't start until the early 2000's. TaylorMade created their first hybrid in 1999, opting to call it a rescue instead, but it's essentially the same thing. A case could be made that Cobra set the groundwork, but it was Taylormade who ignited the craze over hybrids. At the annual PGA Merchandise Show in 1999, TaylorMade revealed the FireSole Rescue. A reporter from the Orlando Sentinel said this, "TaylorMade might have made the biggest move at this year's show by introducing an entire line of innovative clubs called FireSole.... part of the line is the Rescue club, a low-profile iron face with a fairway wood body. The club is designed to help with shots for which it is difficult to choose between a a fairway wood or an iron. The Rescue has a titanium/tungsten mixture to put most of the wieght below the ball." Just a straightforward explanation of the club, because the exclaimation at the time was likely, "What is that?" Five years later, hybrids didn't need an introduction or explanation, just a list of improvements from previous models. Does that mean TaylorMade started hybrid mania? I'm not a historian and frankly it doesn't matter; the hybrids or Rescue clubs TaylorMade produces today are top of the line, and you would do well to have one in the bag when you need to be saved.