Callaway adopted hybrids into their lineup around 2004 when they introduced the heavenwood. It can present quite a challenge to catch up to the competition when you aren’t the first to market, but Callaway made it look easy. The Heavenwood was a great start, but it along with subsequent models didn’t really find a balance between the feel of an iron and the distance of a fairway. They might have looked like hybrids but they lacked the true influence of irons and instead played like small fairway woods. It wasn’t all bad though, many golfers loved those hybrids because they were just looking for distance. But a true hybrid should have distance and playability in balance. Callaway found that balance in late 2015 when they released the Apex hybrids. Since then you really can’t go wrong with any hybrid they’ve produced. But the highlights have been the iterations of the Apex; the Apex 19 and the Apex 21 were both really good and you can find them both here for screamin’ deals.