Srixon iron sets are sweet. Srixon might not be the first brand you think of when someone asks who makes the best iron sets, but as a brand, they are making moves. They have only been producing irons since 2009 but they have made incredible strides in that time to rival major brands on distance, forgiveness, feel, and overall appeal. And not only that, they are often found at a lower price point. Being a relatively new entrant, you may not be familiar with their offerings so I want to list a couple of their recent models with a brief synopsis of each:

  1. Srixon ZX7 Mk II: The ZX7 Mk II is designed for the accomplished player seeking precision, feel, and workability. These irons typically feature a compact blade profile with a thin topline, appealing to golfers who prefer a traditional look and feel. They offer exceptional control and feedback, making them suitable for players who prioritize shot shaping and consistency.

  2. Srixon ZX5 Mk II: The ZX5 Mk II irons are crafted for a balance of forgiveness and performance. They offer a slightly larger clubhead compared to the ZX7, providing more stability and forgiveness on off-center strikes. With a forged construction and advanced materials, they still deliver impressive feel and responsiveness. These irons are suitable for a wide range of players, from mid-handicappers to skilled golfers looking for a blend of forgiveness and workability.

  3. Srixon ZX4 Mk II: The ZX4 Mk II irons are aimed at golfers seeking maximum forgiveness and distance without sacrificing feel. They typically feature a larger, more forgiving clubhead design with a wider sole and lower center of gravity. This promotes higher launch angles and increased ball speed across the face, helping players achieve greater distance and consistency, especially on mishits. The forged construction ensures a soft, responsive feel, despite the emphasis on forgiveness and distance.

  4. Srixon Z-Forged II: The Z-Forged II irons are precision-engineered for the highly skilled player who demands ultimate control and workability. These irons typically feature a classic muscle-back design with a compact blade profile, thin topline, and minimal offset. They offer exceptional feedback and shot shaping capabilities, allowing experienced golfers to manipulate their ball flight with precision. With a focus on feel and workability, the Z-Forged II irons are best suited for low-handicap players who prioritize shotmaking over forgiveness.