Since srixon hasn't been making golf clubs as long as some of the other major manufacturers, so you'll find that they don't have as many offerings. They make up for the lack of depth with the quality of the clubs that they do have. Their utility clubs are some of the best on the market. A utility iron is very similar to a hybrid in that it fills the gap between the long irons and fairway woods. It differs with hybrids in head shape, launch angle, spin rate, and forgiveness factor. The shape of a utility iron resembles a regular iron but it's 'fatter,' it typically has a hollow body to give it more forgiveness than a long iron and also so that the weight can be moved strategically around the perimeter and sole to achieve different results than a long iron, primarily more forgiveness. The launch angle is lower than a hybrid and it also produces less backspin than a hybrid. As for forgiveness, it is more forgiving than a long iron but it's less forgiving than a hybrid. Generally speaking, you should only go with a utility iron over a hybrid if you have high club head speed and you prefer to intentionally shape your shots. If that's you, srixon makes utility irons that are on par, if not better, than the competition.