TaylorMade is known for producing high-quality irons that combine cutting-edge technology with performance-driven design. Here are some of the notable TaylorMade iron sets you can find single irons for:

  1. P-Series: The P-Series irons, (P770, P790, P7MC, and the P7MB) are designed for skilled players who demand precision and control. These forged irons offer a compact shape, thin topline, and minimal offset for enhanced workability and shot shaping.

  2. SIM Series: The SIM (Shape in Motion) Series irons feature revolutionary shaping and Speed Bridge technology, which enhances distance, forgiveness, and feel. The Speed Bridge connects the sole and topline, allowing for more energy transfer and improved sound and feel.

  3. M Series: The M Series irons, (M3 and M5) are engineered for maximum distance and forgiveness. With technologies like Speed Pocket and Speed Bridge, these irons offer high ball speed, improved turf interaction, and enhanced forgiveness across the face.

  4. TP Series: The TP (Tour Preferred) Series irons are designed with input from Tour professionals and are engineered to meet the demands of elite players. These irons feature precision craftsmanship, advanced materials, and tour-proven shaping for maximum performance.

  5. SIM Max Series: The SIM Max Series irons are designed for golfers seeking forgiveness and distance without sacrificing feel and control. With technologies like Speed Bridge, Speed Pocket, and ECHO Damping System, these irons deliver high launch, long carry, and improved sound and feel.

TaylorMade irons cater to a wide range of players, from tour-level professionals to high-handicap golfers, offering options that prioritize distance, forgiveness, feel, and workability to suit individual preferences and playing styles.