Scotty Cameron

Scotty Cameron putters have been around for a long time and they are here to stay. They have a reputation for using high quality materials and being manufactured with exceptional craftsmanship with a eye on detail and design. But it was the Tiger effect that really pushed them over the top. If you were paying attention to golf in the 2000's, the camera was on Tiger, and Tiger was winning majors. When Tiger Woods won his first Masters in 1997 he was using was Scotty Cameron Newport TeI3, but the majority of his career wins came with the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS prototype between 1999 and 2010.  The demand for Scotty Cameron putters was through the roof because everyone wanted to look and play like Tiger. The second hand market for Scotty Cameron putters is the most robust in all of golf. Scotty collectors have rooms filled with one of kind putters, crowned with jewels that have a "Circle T" stamped into them. Once a week Scotty releases a few unique putters via a raffle that have prices ranging in the thousands and those putters are claimed within seconds. So if you are looking for a putter that's also an appreciating asset, look no further than a Scotty Cameron putter. Keep it in good shape, and when you're ready for a new one, you might be able to sell it for the same amount you paid for it.