The ping brand was founded by Karsten Solheim in his garage in 1959. Neccesity is the mother of invention and this case was no different; every time he struck a putt, the ball was going either left or right if he missed the ball by even a hair off the center of the face. He found that the putters that were available were twisting considerably on every off-center hit. So he made a created a putter that minimized these effects and ended up changing the golfing world as we know it. Virtually all modern putters take elements of that original design and incorporate them into what we have today. But this is the driver category! Hold on young buck. It wasn't long after he changed the design for the dance floor clubs that he applied that same engineer brain towards all the other clubs in the bag. Ping was and continues to be an innovator for all golf clubs, and the golf driver is under that umbrella. From the ping zing driver, to the Si3 driver, to the G10 driver, to the G400 driver; Ping has made strides in driver technology through the lot. So if you're looking for a brand that's been a mainstay in the golf world, you're in the right spot. You can rest assured that the club you take to the course won't be the reason ole Billy Big Deal took your lunch money. As a matter of fact, you start playing a club with as much history behind it as a Ping G430 LST driver, ole Billy Big Deal might become ole Billy Bitter Biscuit.