When it comes to tour players, about 60% use a mallet putter and the other 40% use a blade putter. That hasn't always been the case. The Ram Zebra opened the door for mallets in the late 80's, but the real inflection point for mallets came when Jason Day used TaylorMade's Spider Tour Red in 2015-2016 and won 8 tournaments. TaylorMade has plenty of notches in its' belt for various accolades across the golf industry, but when it comes to putters, they made their mark with the Spider. It may have been called "ugly as sin" when it was first introduced, but when the putts starting dropping, so did the criticisms. Today you can find whatever you need in a Spider. From the recently released Spider Tour V to the personalized MySpider to the very sleek Spider GT Max. The one factor that remains constant across all the different models is the incredibly high forgiveness given on mis-hit putts, so find the used Spider that looks good to you, and give it a spin. You'll get caught up in it's web after just one round.