Do you find yourself on the fringe often? When you approach your ball do you find yourself in a quandry whether you should putt or chip? You're not alone! The fringe is a tricky place to hit a ball, you want the accuracy and forgiveness that a putter affords but the grass too tall to get a good feel on distance with a putter. On the other hand, a wedge makes sense but your head is replete with mental blocks and you can only envision yourself hitting three inches behind the ball and seeing it lurch forward a foot or striking the ball so thin it flies across the green like a rocket and barely misses your friend getting ready to putt. What is the play here? Well the geniuses that make golf clubs have you covered. A marriage between a putter and a wedge produced the chipper. You get confidence from the club feeling like a putter, and you also get the loftedness to get the ball up in the air and over the tall grasses standing between you and the hole. So, get out there slugger and bring a chipper with you. Make the fringe that once caused fright be your new delight.