Karsten Solheim is responsible for some of the most profound and long-lasting putter improvements in the history of golf. His "dream to build a better golf club so that golfers could enjoy the game," began his journey to create the best putter ever conceived. The Ping 1A got the ball rolling in 1959; figuratively because it was the prototype he developed in his garage, and literally because lowering the center of gravity via his "torsion bar" made the ball roll off the face of the putter instead of skidding. This was the first design element that would change putting forever, but it wasn't the last. For the next six years Karsten was in the business of growing Ping, he designed new models, manufactured them, and would go to PGA events to sell them. He was achieving success, but as with most things, when the novelty wears off, people move on to other things; namely, the Wilson 8802. Arnold Palmer was winning tournaments left and right and his 8802 was always nearby. People took notice and they followed with their wallets. In 1966, Karsten describes his next design epiphany as if it, "flashed" in front of his eyes. He jumped to find paper so that he could sketch it, but he couldn't find any so he grabbed the closest thing to him, the dust cover of a 78 rpm record, and drew it up on that instead. The design was the answer to regaining the sales he had lost to the 8802 and "the answer to the vexing problems in putting." according to his is wife, Louise, so she suggested he name it that. The 'W' was dropped so that it could be milled onto the head (another Louise suggestion), and the ANSER was born. Weighting on the heel and the toe so the face doesn't twist on off-center impacts. Lower center of gravity to get the ball rolling, not skidding. The offset hosel so the golfer can clearly see the face. There were none before it, and after it is just copies. Take any modern blade putter and you can see the influence of the Anser. Karsten Solheim was a giant in the golf industry until he succumbed to late stage Parkinson's in 2000, but his legacy will impact golf as long as putters are used to make putts. So if you're looking for an original Anser you might find it here, but Ping is more than just the Anser, you can satisfy your need for a mallet with a Tyne or take a look at their top of the line PLD offerings. Whatever Ping putter you choose, you can sleep easy knowing you made a good choice.