Odyssey has been a contender on tour ever since they released their first putter, the Dual Force in 1996. But the innovation that took them from contender to champion happened in 2002 when they introduced the White Hot 2-Ball putter. It became an instant success and remains the one of the best selling putter of all time. The name comes from the two components the were revolutionary. The insert and the alignment feature. The face insert actually saw it's debut in 2000, it is made from an elastomer that made hitting the ball feel softer and gave it a good sound. The other feature, the 2-ball alignment, really came out of left field and helped with alignment for many golfers. Prior to the 2-ball there wasn't much else being offered, in terms of putter alignment, other than flanges, lines, or dots. The 2-ball made the alignment of the putter the focal point. Standing over a putt with a 2-ball putter gave golfers the confidence they were on line. Since inception in 2002, there have been many iterations to make changes to the insert and alignment aid. Most of them have been good, some were underwhelming, but on the whole there has been much more positive. Ultimately, the top selling putter of all time speaks for itself, which is why you can still find people gaming 20 year old putters. So raise a glass to the White Hot 2-Ball putter, it's impact on the game is undeniable.