Callaway tends to release a new product line annually, what that means for you is twofold. On one hand it can be tough to keep up with the Joneses because buying a new line each year is really expensive. On the other hand, the people who do buy new clubs each year typically end up getting rid of their old clubs on the second hand market, and that means that you can buy the used versions of yesteryears models for cheap! For the discerning buyer, that's a huge win. Lets face the facts; Callaway pays top golf club designers a ton of money to make the new models look slick but as far as performance goes, how much difference is there between the Paradym Ai smoke fairway wood and a Rogue ST fairway wood or a Mavrik fairway wood? The manufacturers boast about the gains each year in distance and foregiveness over the predecessor model but are the gains really noticeable? My gut says no. Why? Because if each year a model is released, it really gained ~5 yards in distance over it's predecessor, the fairway woods used 10 years ago went around 50 yards shorter. For context, the Callaway models released in 2014 were the Big Bertha Alpha 815. The COO of StickHawk has a Big Bertha Alpha 814 3 wood in his bag, he hits it around 250 yards. If he goes out today and uses a new Paradym fairway wood, is he going to start hitting his 3 wood 300 yards? No way, and I know that because I set him up with one and he was hitting it around 255. So he did hit it further, slightly, but he's playing a fairway wood that came out over 10 years ago. All I'm trying to say is this, don't get turned off to buying older used clubs versus new clubs based on reported performance, the oldies are still goodies.